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Drain the liquids. In Nurmijärvi, pack biowaste in a paper bag or a biodegradable plastic bag. In other municipalities in Kiertokapula’s operating area, in a regular plastic bag or a paper bag.



  • vegetable and fruit peels, eggshells
  • waste from meat and fish
  • spoiled food and leftovers
  • coffee grounds with filter papers, tea bags
  • individual kitchen towels, napkins and tissues
  • liquid waste, e.g. broth, drain the liquid from the waste, e.g. through a sieve
  • soil, garden waste, house plants or flowers
  • cat litter, pet droppings or cage cleaning waste


The packing instructions for biowaste vary in Kiertokapula’s operating area depending on its treatment.

With the exception of Nurmijärvi, biowaste should not be packed in a biodegradable plastic bag in Kiertokapula’s operating area. In processing, biodegradable plastic bags turn into a sticky mass that clogs the equipment of the bioethanol plant. Biowaste should be packed in either a regular plastic bag or a paper bag. Therefore, suitable bags include, for example, plastic bags from the shop, transparent produce bags, plastic bread bags, wrappers made from newspaper, or paper bags. Plastic bags can be screened out at the plant and delivered for energy recovery.

In Nurmijärvi, biowaste is treated at a composting plant. In the Nurmijärvi area, biowaste should be packed in a paper bag or a biodegradable plastic bag. Suitable packing materials include, for example, paper bags or green produce bags from the shop, or wrappers made from newspaper. A regular plastic bag must not be used to pack biowaste in Nurmijärvi.

Biowaste is also accepted at some waste treatment sites. Ask for more information about biowaste acceptance from guidance.