Miscellaneous waste (for further treatment)

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Mixed and construction waste loads of household customers (trailer as well as passenger car and van loads) are accepted as mixed waste. Truck loads are accepted as construction waste or energy waste.

Items that belong in miscallaneous waste include, for example:

  • furniture items, mattresses, carpets, textiles, fabrics
  • plastic, polystyrene, sewer pipes, plastic furniture items, plastic bags, tarpaulins, buckets, sports equipment, toys
  • windows with flames, flat glass, window glass, car windshields
  • cleaning waste (no hazardous waste)
  • tiles, ceramics, sanitaryware
  • powdered mortars and cements without warning labels on their packaging
  • cork floor
  • pulp wool, glass wool, rock wool
  • hardened mortars and cements in their packaging
  • wood-plastic composites and wood with a significant amount of plastic attached
  • dirty cardboard and paper
  • small quantities of cooled ash from households packed in a sack
  • sealed cooking grease and oil containers (container size under 50 litres)
  • waste-containing soil and aggregate (small quantities)
  • sanding sand (small quantities)
  • invasive plant species (packed only)

Invasive alien species

We accept invasive alien species at our waste treatment sites. Read more detailed instructions here.