Raking waste

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Items accepted as raking waste include:

  • decomposing raking and garden waste
  • removed lawn (with only a little soil attached)
  • lawn mowing waste
  • root balls of herbaceous plants (most of the soil should be shaken off)
  • tree cones
  • brushwood chips

Invasive alien species, such as Himalayan balsam, rugosa rose, hogweed, and Spanish slugs or their eggs, must not be placed in raking waste. Read more about invasive alien species.


Surplus apples as well as ones with brown rot are accepted at all waste treatment sites at the price of raking waste. However, the acceptance policy varies slightly from site to site:

  • At Kapula and Lumikorpi, apples are accepted in the raking waste pile
  • At Puolmatka and Karanoja, apples are accepted on small skips
  • At Metsä-Tuomela, apples are accepted in an excavator bucket

The collection points for apples are marked with signs and our site personnel will guide you to the right place for apple waste if needed.

Horse manure

Horse manure is accepted only at the Kapula waste treatment site. The price list includes a separate price for horse manure.

More information

Small amounts of raking waste can be placed in the property’s mixed or dry waste container. The most affordable way to treat raking waste is in your own yard. Composting raking waste is possible, for example, in a frame or a composter intended for garden waste. Read more about composting.

Taking raking waste to someone else’s property is prohibited under the Waste Act. This also applies to land owned by the municipality or city, as well as other public land. Raking waste must not be burned in densely populated areas.

Some municipalities also have their own collection points for raking waste, ask for more information from your own municipality.