WEEE, waste electric and electronic equipment

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All mains-, battery- and accumulator-operated appliances are accepted as waste electric and electronic equipment.

Refrigeration equipment

  • refrigerators, freezers
  • heat pumps

Large household appliances

  • stoves, hobs, ovens
  • washing machines, dryers, mangles
  • dishwashing machines, tabletop dishwashers
  • microwaves
  • heaters, electric sauna stoves
  • bathroom cabinet with a built-in lamp

IT and telecommunications equipment

  • computers
  • game consoles
  • printers, electric typewriters
  • copiers, telecopiers, teleprinters
  • video projectors

Televisions, monitors and small electrical appliances

  • fire alarms
  • pocket and tabletop calculators
  • lamps (light bulbs must be removed), Christmas lights
  • vacuum cleaners, irons
  • small kitchen appliances
  • electric shavers, hair dryers, electric toothbrushes
  • battery- and electricity-powered tools and garden machines
  • electric outboard motors
  • monitoring and control equipment
  • health care equipment and supplies

Light bulbs

  • fluorescent tubes
  • energy-saving bulbs
  • LED bulbs

A maximum of three of the same device may be delivered to waste treatment sites or municipal depots without prior notice. The maximum number of light bulbs delivered at the same time is 300. If you wish to deliver a larger number of electric and electronic devices at once, please contact us about a week before delivery by email at tyonjohto[at]kiertokapula.fi. Kiertokapula does not accept large pieces of refrigeration equipment, such as cold rooms or refrigerated counters, from companies. You can enquire about acceptance from SERTY.

WEEE confidential waste

Our waste treatment sites and municipal depots have secure boxes for WEEE confidential waste (excl. Puolmatka waste treatment site). Devices that contain user data and that have not been wiped before being returned can be placed in the container free of charge. The secure box can be used for: hard drives, smartphones, tablets, laptops, game consoles and digital cameras.

The secure handling of devices cannot be guaranteed if they are returned to a regular container. Save any files you need from the computer elsewhere and overwrite the hard drive of the old device. There are several free software available on the Internet that can wipe your computer’s hard drive or render the files on it unreadable. Smartphones to be discarded should be reset to factory settings.

More information

Waste electric and electronic equipment is also collected in shops. Below are instructions for the collection of waste electric and electronic equipment.

1. Small (under 25 cm) devices

Waste electric and electronic equipment, none of the external dimensions of which exceed 25 cm, can be returned free of charge and without an obligation to buy a new device to the following types of shops:

To a grocery shop with an area of at least 1,000 m2 selling EE equipment*

To a special shop with an area of at least 200 m2 selling EE equipment**

The size of the shop refers to the sales area used permanently in business activities.

* Grocery shop = a shop that sells mainly groceries.

** Special shop = a shop that sells special items (consumer durables), such as shops selling technical household appliances, furniture shops, hardware shops.

2. Large (over 25 cm) devices

Waste electric and electronic equipment, any of the external dimensions of which exceeds 25 cm, can be returned to any shop when purchasing a new similar device from that particular shop.

Producer responsibility

In Finland, waste electric and electronic equipment is subject to producer responsibility, according to which the manufacturers, importers and sellers of products have a responsibility to arrange the recycling of the products at their own expense. In Finland, the approved producer associations for WEEE waste are Elker Oy, ERP Finland ry and SER-tuottajayhteisö ry.

Within the framework of producer responsibility, waste electric and electronic equipment can be delivered free of charge to all official collection points, such as the waste treatment sites of Kiertokapula.