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The City of Riihimäki has transferred the responsibility for the tendering and transport of dry, mixed, biowaste and plastic packaging to Kiertokapula Oy. The system also applies to regional collection points for mixed waste. Residential properties agree on the waste management of these waste components with Kiertokapula’s customer service. Kiertokapula also handles invoicing.

Joining waste management

The easiest way to join waste management is via our online services (only in Finnish) or by contacting Kiertokapula’s waste management customer service. In the case of waste components other than those managed by Kiertokapula, properties agree on the emptying of containers with their chosen transport company.

Waste container emptying fees and container washing 2021

MIXED/DRY WASTE, small manually movable containersEmptying price EUR (VAT 24%)
Waste container 140 l5.28
Waste container 240 l6.67
Waste container 360 l8.32
Waste container 660 l12.47
BIOWASTE, small manually movable containersEmptying price EUR (VAT 24%)
Waste container 140 l5.77
Waste container 240 l6.13
PLASTIC PACKAGING, small manually movable containersEmptying price EUR (VAT 24%)
Waste container 240 l4.72
Waste container 360 l4.85
Waste container 660 l 5.32
MIXED/DRY WASTE, container washingWashing price EUR (VAT 24%)
Waste container up to 770 l8.13

The tables show the emptying prices of the most common waste containers. You can read the full waste charge tariff here (only in Finnish).

Invoicing of waste container emptying

We normally invoice for waste container emptying every three (3) months. If you wish, you can change the billing interval to one month, three months, or one year. Invoices of less than five (5) euros will not be invoiced, with the amount instead carried over to the next billing period. No separate fee is charged for paper invoices, but we recommend using an e-invoice. 

For Riihimäki, invoices arrive in January, April, July and October.

Washing of waste containers

The washing of biowaste containers is included in the emptying prices of the container and they are washed automatically twice a year. You must take care of the washing of dry and mixed waste containers yourself or, if desired, you can join Kiertokapula’s washing service, in which case the inside of the container is washed automatically once a year.

Christmas tree disposal

Christmas trees will be collected free of charge nearby the waste container during January-February.

Environmental damage and littering

If you notice littering or other inappropriate treatment of waste, please contact the environmental protection authority of your municipality. The contact information is available here (only in Finnish).

Cover photo: City of Riihimäki